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Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology and Biotechnology

Major Research Projects Completed

S.No. Title of Project Funding Authority Financial Outlay Duration Name of Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators
1. Purification and characterization of anticandida molecules from Bacillus sp isolated from vada batter DST 35.00 L 2015-18 Dr. Bipinraj NK and
Dr. SA Shaikh.
2. Micro-propagation & commercialization of few medicinally important plants under NAIP ICAR, New Delhi 14.00 L 2013-15 Dr. N T Meti
3. Investigation of glycation induced changes along with receptors for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) in diabetes. Regional Society for the study of Diabetes (RSSDI) 7.15 L 2013-15 Dr. R.S. Tupe and
Dr. A Diwan
4. Micropropagation of high yielding quality planting materials of strawberry for commercial cultivation in Maharashtra DST, New Delhi 10.00 L 2013-14 Dr. N. T. Meti and
Dr. E. A. Singh
5. Studies on impact of nutraceuticals on diabetic nephropathy, DST, New Delhi 20.72 L 2012-15 Dr. R.S. Tupe and
Dr. SA Shaikh
6. Process optimization and cycle time reduction of polyunsaturated fatty acid synthesis using marine microorganisms DST, New Delhi 15. 83 L 2012-15 Dr. R.K. Bhadekar
7. Studies on glycasion induced modification in diabetes DBT, New Delhi 13.85 L 2012-15 Dr. R.S. Tupe
8. Bioprospecting of Amarkand, traditionally used tubers as a functional food DST, New Delhi 35.00 L 2012-14 Dr. Suresh Jagtap and
Dr. EA Singh
9. Effective utilization of winery and vineyard waste: an eco friendly approach for value addition in wine industry Mo E & F New Delhi 13.58 2011- 15 Dr. S A Shaikh and
Dr. A S Moghe
10. Microbial production of omega-3 fatty acids DBT New Delhi 32.76 L 2007-10 Dr. R K Bhadekar
11. Biochemical & molecular profiling of wine spoilage yeasts DBT, New Delhi 12.60 L 2007-09 Dr. S A Shaikh

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