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Patents or Copyrights

Patents /Copyright /Trademark

S.No. Year Patents /Copyright /Trademark Granted
1. 2016 1
2. 2015 1
3. 2014 2
4. 2013 3
5. 2012 1
6. 2011 1
7. 2010 2


S.No. Name of Inventor Title of the invention Date of filing of application/Publication
1. Mrs. Snehil Jaiswal Microbiological Media Database
TM applied for: MicroMedDb
TM Category: Trade Mark
App Ref no.:2769077
Dairy Number: 358550
Receipt No.:89878
Filling date: 10/03/2016
Branch: Mumbai
User: DPG
2. Mrs. Pritee Chunarkar Patil Copyright application of Microbial Media Database
Dairy Number:13894/2015-CO/L
Copyright Registration of; literary/dramatic
Copyright Filling date: 23/12/2015
3. Dr. Athoiba Singh Elangbam A Method for Bio-synthsis of Mono-Dispersed Spherical Silver Nanoparticles (AGNPS)By using Aqueous Bio-reactants from Withania sominifera
Patent Application No.: 764/MUM/2014 (INDIA)
Date of filing of application: 06/03/2014,
Publication Date 28/03/2014,
Journal No.13/2014
4. Dr. Vidya Sunil Tale Herbal Topical Composition For Treatment of Acne Vulgaris
Patent Application No.: 2556/MUM/2014 (INDIA)
Date of filing of Application :08/08/2014
Publication Date : 22/08/2014 
5. Dr. Athoiba Singh Elangbam, Method of Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nano-particles using Oscillatoria Alage Patent Application No.: 2146MUM2013 (INDIA) Date of filing of application: 25/06/2013,
Publication Date 12/07/2013,
Journal No.28/2013
6. Dr. Athoiba Singh Elangbam A method of preparation of ZNO Nanoparticless by co-precipitation method using Black Tiger Prawns (Penaeus monodon)Extract
Patent: Application No.: 2422/MUM/2013 (INDIA)
Date of filing of application: 19/07/2013,
Publication Date: 02/08/2013,
Journal No. 31/2013
7. Dr. A.S. Moghe Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Bryonia Laciniosa for Biological and Pharmaceutical Applications
Date of Filling :28/08/2013
8. Dr. R.K. Bhadekar A Method for obtaining silver nano- particles from metallic silver containing waste.
Patent: Application No.: 1649/MUM/2012 A (INDIA)
Date of filing of application: 05/06/2012,
Publication Date: 31/08/2012,
International classification: B82B3/00
9. Dr. S.K. Gaikwad & Dr. A. S. Moghe Anti-microbial activity of silver nano-particles impregnated on polymeric material.
Patent Application No.: 1153/MUM/2010
Publication date: 11/06/2010
Journal No. 24/2010
International classification: A61F13/15
10. Dr. S.K. Gaikwad & Dr. A. S. Moghe An improved distillation and soxhlet cooling assembly for saving water from wastage.
Patent Application No.: 2508/MUM/2010
Publication date: 15/10/2010
Journal No. 42/2010
Patent: National
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