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Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology and Biotechnology

Ongoing Research Projects

Research Projects received from various Government funding agencies

S.No. Title of Project Disbursing Authority Financial Outlay Duration Name of Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators
1. Microbial production of 1,2,4-Butanetriol DRDO 67.24 L 2015-18 Dr. R K Bhadekar and Dr. VS Tale
2. Purification and characterization of anticandida molecules from Bacillus sp isolated from vada batter DST 35.00 L 2015-18 Dr. Bipinraj NK & Dr. SA Shaikh.
3. Micro-propagation & commercialization of few medicinally important plants under NAIP ICAR, New Delhi 14.00 L 2013-15 Dr. N T Meti
4 Investigation of glycation induced changes along with receptors for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) in diabetes. Regional Society for the study of Diabetes (RSSDI) 7.15 L 2013-15 Dr. R.S. Tupe & Dr. A Diwan
5. Studies on impact of nutraceuticals on diabetic nephropathy, DST, New Delhi 20.72 L 2012-15 Dr. R.S. Tupe, & Dr. SA Shaikh
6. Process optimization and cycle time reduction of polyunsaturated fatty acid synthesis using marine microorganisms DST, New Delhi DST, New Delhi 2012-15 Dr. R.K. Bhadekar
7. Studies on glycasion indused modification in diabetes DBT, New Delhi 13.85 L 2012-15 Dr. R.S. Tupe,
8. Bioprospecting of Amarkand, traditionally used tubers as a functional food DST, New Delhi 35.00 L 2012-14 Dr. Suresh Jagtap & Dr. EA Singh
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